Happy SUMMER  SCHOOL, ham instructors!
Summer classes for becoming a licensed ham radio operator are a great way for parents and their kids to earn the Technician Class license as a family quest.
Our new HAM INSTRUCTOR site is now easier to navigate, and an easy way to download our free training RESOURCES to teaching classes. Thanks Allan!
New General Class 2023-2027 PowerPoint,should be available for download this June. Like the free Technician Class and Extra Class PowerPoints, these reorganized graphics perfectly parallel my Gordon West book, and can keep your class on track!
My Technician, General, and Extra class INSTRUCTOR GUIDES also parallel the books, and give you all sorts of fun demonstration ideas to use in the classroom. These are some of the fun ones that students tell me they remember years ago in class! Try them yourself!
PRESTUDY fill-in-the-blanks for Technician, General, and Extra class get your students working the book between your teaching sessions. When ordering the books direct from W5YI.org, these paper notes are included for your students.  Otherwise the PDF can be downloaded from haminstructor.com.
If students order the books from their local dealers or through Amazon, you can give these out at the first class session in print and paper.
Students who come to your class with other published books, this is fine, but your class training  progresses more logically in my re-arranged teaching order in my book. The order of study is different that just the numerical order from the Question Pool Committee.
The new General Class question pool has been updated, so if you are teaching a class that will last beyond June 30th, bring in the new 2023-2027 book. If you are testing before June 30th, use the current General Class book.
There is not a significant change from old to new questions, just a great update and refresh of the question pool. The new pool is not harder - actually a bit shorter - than the current pool.
You may have students who do a lot of driving, and when they park for a rest, they can listen to my audio study course. This course comes on CDs, and I give students lots of actual ham radio sounds to illustrate some of the Q & As in the book!  The W5YI Group always has the latest updated courses on audio! You can speak directly with Tiffany at 1 800 669-9594 or 817-274-0400 at W5YI for the latest on instructor news.
You can post your classes on the Haminstructor website, too! And, for testing, you may also offer your students REMOTE TESTING opportunities, if they are not close to a classroom testing session. Thanks Allan for your remote testing leadership with W5YI-VEC.
you can find test session at w5yi-vec.org.
 I am currently updating our Commercial radio and radar GROL book, so will miss Dayton THIS year, but remember, I come with every book or audio course sold! Students can call me at 714 549-5000 . No other book publisher offers this, and I enjoy it very much.
Have a great summer, and YOU call me if we can schedule a Zoom or Skype classroom appearance for me to say hi to your students.
Gordon West